San Diego mentorship ~ver.1~

I have been staying in San Diego for less than two weeks to learn Rolfing. After becoming Rolfer, there are several workshops you can attend. And this time, I, and Taiki, who works in Osaka are getting mentorship from Ed Maupin PhD, who were taught by Ida Rolf, founder of Rolfing.

with Ed. at San Diego beach.

With Ed. At San Diego beach.

During mentorship, Ed taught two of us concepts of 10 series, how to approach, and important points with exchanging work that was semi-personal style. Last year, and two years ago I attended workshop that Ed was teaching for, and there are approximately 10 participants so that the time is limited for teaching individually. Therefore, I went abroad to be taught precisely and to learn from the person who knows Ida Rolf’s Rolfing directly.

What I’ve done in these ten days was doing each session of 10 sessions every single day for ten days that was intense for our body tremendously made by Ed’s casually talking. You can imagine that getting massage for 90 minutes everyday for two weeks would fill up one’s body. In general, it’s ideal to get 10 series once in a week or two weeks so that you can get used to what you got from previous session and spread changes to your body. One of the differences compared to other remedy like massage or bodywork is sustainable change of pattern and posture even out of session. But this time I don’t have any interval which cause overloading for my body.

work room and guardian, Alex

work room and guardian, Alex

Because of gentle approach from Ed, however, and sensitive work from Taiki I’ve not get confused so much in terms of my body, and even everyday sessions responses gave me clue of my body pattern and how to deal with that which was so appreciated since I can’t find out by myself usually. (Besides those, I got two more sessions from Rolfers. So I got 12 sessions in ten days, and I will write about it in another blog.)

Ed was saying all the time that, “Working with your client.” His way of Rolfing is not just using deep pressure to approach on hard fascial tissue to make there soften, but engaging client’s body that is common sense for this work as this process. In that point, non-verbal communication will emerge naturally and healing process of symptom and pain would be accelerated gradually as opening up client’s body. In human body natural healing energy is innate, but in many cases that process speed would be too slow or directing inappropriate vector. If you can make Ed’s work sophisticate more, client’s body would be leaded to comfortable direction naturally. I would be able to get this point that might be most valuable thing in this mentorship.

This would be self-applause, and I was realizing so much that my quality of work had been improving every single day. Yesterday I had first session since coming back, and I was surprised mostly myself how much change I engaged of the body every moment. Client didn’t get quite well idea of how to express that change even though noticing the changing that was different from the previous obviously. Then, I could realize to be able to utilize these two weeks mentorship.

Also, being able to get the session from Ed and having chances to work on Ed were so fortune for me. I could understand whether my touch or way of doing would be appropriate or not as working on professional body, and working with his honest response body was just precious and unchangeable experiences. I’m already excited what kinds of clients would visit my office. I would like to work with you together in order to have everybody feel comfortable. I can also offer you trial session, so please feel free to ask me anything. I’m available to have session in English.

Watch which Ed gave me. Setting time in San diego zone and be located in my session room in Tokyo.

Watch which Ed gave me. Setting time in San diego zone and be located in my session room in Tokyo.







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