Filled with grace and warmth

Now, I’m on the way to go to United States. I’ve been there in this February for interpreting job, and this time would be for my study. I’m going to stay in San Diego where Ed Maupin, Rolfer lives to learn 10 series again that I’m serving daily.


It has been two and half years since I got certified as Rolfer, and the time when it’s third years of becoming Rolfer is coming to qualify to be able to attend advance Rolfing class. These days, I’m involved with Ed Maupin style Rolfing that is subtly different way from what I learned at Rolf Institute, source point therapy, osteopathy, biodynamic osteopathy. Then, I have been combining all remedy to develop my session, but in order to notice what kind of transition I would experience and how much I’ve improved since last year workshop in Megamiyama, I’m going to relearn 10 series which is fundamental for Rolfing.


Considering my mental states, what I give attention the best when traveling or staying at some different places is that “touching to the human grace and warmth”. As I’ve been to Yamagata last month to see Yuta’s family I was so relieved with their healing atmosphere, and also when I was in Osaka in March I met Bob, Donna, Hiro, Yvonne who have so powerful lovely energy, and I can’t value how much my heart gets warm with their affection. This time, I’m going to see Ed, James, Hiroshi who are also filled with grace and warmth and they are loving people. With these people and workshop attendants who were attracted by their passion, I have shared such a special moments in Megamiyama workshop last year.













Incidentally, when I was waiting flight at Narita airport now I was so attracted to the movie that introduce Japanese culture. As I was watching this movie that was presenting Japanese character introducing some places in Japan with several portraits and letter expressions, I was so impressed to show Japanese magnificence like this. In the world, there was severe earthquake in Nepal. And I’ve realized with varied incidents that the generation has been coming when human grace and warmth are necessity.



This time, I’m staying for two weeks and I would like to be more graceful and warmth person. There are friends who are my college colleague and friends living in US, and I’m looking forward to seeing them after not meeting for long time. After coming back to Japan, I would like to share what I experience and feel with you.



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