Indwelling beauty in the flow

Yesterday, I was speaker at seminar in Shinjuku, which is about “hands-on approach through movement”. This seminar was introduction of how to think and how to approach to the body through movement during the session. There were many participants who I shared what I normally do in the session from different aspects with, and they also had experiments then.


While then, and also during the translation class that have started today, I noticed that there is no experience with same flow, atmosphere happing again, as like music live. Since, there are elements of time, flow, and incident that would be changing every moment naturally.



There is no such a big change in terms of anatomy, physiology, theory of training compared to ten years ago. Basically, it’s never happened to be discovered of new muscle in the upper arm. Certainly, we’ve seen many new facts of these terms because of improvement of science and medicine. And, I noticed that these kind of concept which are based on physical fact are being focused on this society mostly.


When I do Rolfing, however, there are many changing and circumstances that aren’t involved with physical reality. If somebody has tension in the lower back and do massage around that area, there are some cases which can relieve pain and sometimes it can’t. Also in some cases the pain could be worse. One of the approaches could be effective one day but after that day it couldn’t be. Those kinds of things would happen in human body and also it should happen in any other industry and society.


Actually, most of people don’t go toward those directions that are composed of unresolved and unanswerable elements. We tend to be attached to physical reality under this capitalistic social structure in modern times. Otherwise we can’t go forward if the things are not obvious. For the people who want to lose weight, we do marketing with choose the way of using promotional line like, “ You can lose XX pounds!!” and those people are attracted there. Many people have habits in our thoughts to rely on this material system that is express obvious and simple result. Of course, I’m not denying this thought because I have same mindset also, and the business style to approach this thinking tendency is valuable.


On the other hand, there are many people also whose axis of thinking way is at non-physical, non-material, fluidal, mental aspect. For example, the comic artist, Takehiko Inoue, well known of “Slum Dank”. And, in his other famous comic “Vagabond”, he started drawing story without thinking outlines before. While drawing, he was empathizing with characters and sensing what he or she wants to say, what action would be happened next. There is nothing outline prior to that, just he is picking up emotion and face expression moment by moment precisely and presenting those into the comic field through his drawing. Perhaps, it’s one of the reason that Vagabond serialization is suspended sometimes that might be from unusual way of drawing which might run out energy and give a lot of mental stresses. In the document, “Professional ~ the style of their job~ ” these his conflict is described everywhere.



There is expression that “the seminar is alive”, and I was sensing various emotion and flow at yesterday seminar. New participants meeting for the first time, new contents to listen to, new place to visit, there was special moment which could only be happened on April 13th, 2015. Even if I did same seminar with same contents and place in next week, I would not talk exactly same things and the way of perceive would vary. Like this, our living world would be variable, and naturally we are influenced with many things.


In this week, I have translation job till Thursday, and even though I’m talking same contents with two years ago I noticed differences about way of speaking, talking material, way of perceive for participants so much. It’s because flow, energy and time which can be vary every moment are very relevant there.


So importantly, how we can deal with those things that can be changed all the time and can’t be controlled by people is just resting ourselves there. Not trying to be able to manage those elements, just following that. Get on the flow. In order to get on the flow, we must to be able to recognize that flow. It needs to have training, experiences, and trigger, but I have no clear answer how to provide that sensation to be able to feel so far.


But I’m certainly sure that if there are flow and natural state, intuitively human feel “beauty ” in it. The reason to recognize beauty in the ocean or sunrise is because the nature exists in them. When we look up the thunderheads floating in the sky aimlessly, some kind of fascinating sensation would come into us. We can’t have similar comfortable sensation from photochemical smog around an industrial area. In comic like last volume of the Slum Dank series, the beauty indwells with inexpressible excitement and presence.


I’m doing Rolfing everyday in order to make clients feel those beauties in their body, and naturally we can see and sense comfort and good atmosphere even during conversation with friends along those natural flow. An attentive or unique response could entertain conversation, but it would be rare to feel comfort or ease. While getting involved with people around me I want to aim to be able to make them feel those comfort and ease.






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