Life Experience Essay
Please discuss your interest in Rolfing and the Rolfing training.(ロルフィング、ロルフィングのトレーニングへの関心、興味を述べなさい)

I feel that the manipulative therapy of Rolfing is the best way for taking care of the body I have ever experienced. When I was a student athletic trainer in my university in Japan, I took care of a lot of students who played sports in the university club. Also, they had many injuries of the body, for example, pain of the lower back, shoulder, leg, knee, foot, wrist, and more. I felt it was difficult to learn about human body and how to make their injuries recover because our university had no classes about athletic training so I had to learn all of them by myself. During those days, I pursued the skills which could help the human body recover. Then,I encountered Rolfing and Rolfer who was named Hiroki Sato. I felt that the skill of Rolfing and the mood of his session, and the methods of Rolfing could produce more results of changing the body, and it was so fabulous. I was impressed after 10 series from him because Rolfing made my body more sensitive than ever. At that time I felt rather strongly that it was what I had been looking for. So I am in America now and want to study Rolfing as the result of those experiences.
What factors have made you consider this field as a profession?(どんな要素、何がきっかけでロルファーとして生きていく決め手になったのですか?)
The main factor is the feeling that I sincerely want to make the human body better than before it was injured. While I was student athletic trainer in university, the most regrettable scene was when I could’t make a player’s body recover from injury and get good feedback or reactions from the student who had something wrong in his body. At that time, I also couldn’t find the answer by myself of why I was there. When I could make improvement of their body, players were so happy and would be smiling because of my efforts. I would like to see those scenes in which people are smiling and happy. I pursued those scenes involving me and how I could make them real, and on the way I encountered Rolfing. That time was a dramatic moment in my life and also I felt that Rolfing was the most suitable way to accomplish my purpose. I think that Rolfing will be my good point and pride as professional therapist and make people’s bodies change.
What makes you feel that this is the appropriate time in your life to do the training?(なぜ今のタイミングでロルフィングを勉強することが人生の中で適切な時期だと思いましたか?)

I came to America this past June soon after I graduated university in Japan. I think that coming to another country, America, and studying in a different culture while I am young is very important and valuable for my life and my future. Not only will I study Rolfing,but I also want to experience American culture and English, and those experiences make my life a cheerful thing. What I think to be the most important thing is that if I didn’t make my decision to study and postponed it to the future, I would really regret why I didn’t decide to go at this time. Today, I can study because I have no job and my parents support my purpose and dream, and also I feel that the time to study Rolfing is now.
Share some examples of things you have accomplished that demonstrate your ability to work independently or complete a task or a course of study.(あなたの能力を示す経歴、学業など今まで成し遂げてきた具体例をいくつか述べなさい)
First of all, I have a degree of Sports Science and the teaching certificate of physical education. When I was a student in my university in Japan, I took a lot of classes and course of studies which prepared me to be a physical educator. During those studies, I learned many things. They were how to communicate with young students, how to make and prepare for the teaching materials, and what makes a good teacher. The most impressive thing I learned was the experience of being a student teacher intern.When I went to be a student teacher intern in my high school, I felt that teaching someone was more difficult than I thought. Teaching someone in the class as a teacher was different than taking care of players in a baseball club. I learned that once students demographic were changed I had to change my teaching ways. Those experiences were very important for me and also useful to my future as a Rolfer.
Also, I have now been studying English in a language school. I am going to a school which is called ELS, English Language Center, and is located in Denver. There, everyday I speak English to my classmates and teachers with conversation or during the class, and I study grammar and listening, and writing skills. Also, I try to get used to American culture, language and people while living with my host family everyday. Sometimes I get confused about American culture, eating habits, customs, and what people are talking about is so fast. Even if I think I am confused, I haven’t felt uncomforatable speaking to someone since I came here five weeks ago.What I feel is the best to studying in ELS is learning new language. That process is so funny, but also I think that my native language is so important. If I didn’t study English in ELS, I wouldn’t feel that the moment when I communicate with people using a new language is so fabulous. Two months later, I will finish my study at ELS after that I will be preparing for Rolfing classes which will start in October.

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